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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Raxco PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer (32/64-bit)

This powerful suite of tools makes your PC faster, cleaner, and better protected — from the most trusted name in Microsoft Certified disk defragmentation technology, PerfectDisk. PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer is a state-of-the-art suite of tools that provide a comprehensive solution for improving your computer's health by optimizing your drive using PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer's patented SMARTPlacement technology, SafeCleaning your computer's registry, reclaiming disk space by deleting temporary files/duplicate files, erasing traces of personal information, and tweaking Windows for faster performance and better security. PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer ensures that your Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Home/Professional, and Windows 2000 Professional systems maintain the best possible performance.

Key features:

Automatically Optimize Your PC Fast And Efficiently
Windows creates fragmentation – that’s a fact. The more fragmentation your PC has, the slower it performs. PerfectSpeed’s Microsoft Certified defrag engine is the fastest and most efficient method to optimize your PC, resulting in performance gains of up to 300%.
You determine exactly when you want the defrag process to start. Daily, weekly, screen saver mode, the process is completely customizable. Or let StealthPatrol™ take over by automatically running only when your PC is idle.

Automatically Clean Your Registry The Safe Way
A clean registry is essential for a trouble free PC and ensures that your high performance standards are maintained. The registry holds key information about your PC and as you install and remove programs, it collects redundant and unwanted debris that degrades performance and leaves it vulnerable to malware designed to infiltrate a computer.
Unlike conventional registry cleaners, that can cause system instability by taking an overaggressive approach, PerfectSpeed’s SafeClean technology takes the safe and tactical approach. Finally, you can clean and repair your registry with confidence.

Automatically Erase Traces To Protect Your Privacy
Right now, your PC is storing private information that malicious eyes can see. Like it or not, you’re leaving a trail of all websites, images, videos, uploads and downloads and routine activities, such as personal website browsing and online banking, is exposing you to potentially embarrassing or vulnerable situations. What’s more, file clutter, from unwanted cookies and internet file caches, are also leaving a history of your internet activity. Manually deleting these files, and clearing your browsers history, isn’t nearly enough to fully protect your privacy.
PerfectSpeed automatically erases these traces forever to ensure your privacy is protected. Don’t waste time using multiple programs that you have to remember to manually run.
You also get a military-strength file shredder that permanently deletes files so snoops and criminals can’t recover the data, even if they have forensic data recovery tools.

Find And Remove Your Duplicate and Temp Files
By removing unwanted duplicate and temp files, you are ensuring that every last drop of disk space is being put to good use so you don’t run out of valuable disk space. These unwanted files are the biggest waste of disk space and only accelerate the time that you will eventually run out of it and need to purchase more. PerfectSpeed finds and removes all duplicate and temp files, especially those space-consuming music, video, and picture files. PerfectSpeed goes way beyond just emptying the recycle bin and deleting temp files.

Customize To Your Preferences
Your PC activity is unique. Enable or Disable some of the most common PC tweaks available in the following areas:
Performance (Menu speeds and Window animation)
Security (ActiveX and Browser Extensions)
Appearance (Balloon Tips and Error Beeping)

What's New:

Windows 7 Certified
PerfectSpeed is powered by the PerfectDisk defragmentation engine which is the first and only disk defragmentation software Microsoft Certified for Windows 7.
Disk Optimization
With PerfectSpeed, you get 99-100% of all your data files defragmented in one pass. You also get total free space consolidation that slows refragmentation and speeds up disk writes. Our patented SMARTPlacement builds the best performing disk and keeps it that way as the disk fills up.
Registry Cleaning Done Right
The PerfectSpeed registry cleaner takes a conservative approach in determining what should and should not be removed from the registry. It only removes registry entries that do not point to a valid file on the disk. Getting rid of invalid registry entries eliminates unnecessary system overhead.
Erase All Traces - Protect Your Privacy
Keep prying eyes from viewing your internet browsing history. Delete potentially harmful cookies and temporary internet files, all with a few clicks. PerfectSpeed helps protect your computer privacy.
File Shredder
When you delete a file in Windows, it is marked as deleted by the file system but it still resides on the disk. PerfectSpeed will get rid of that file for good by erasing it in accordance with the US Department of Defense specification for file deletion/erasure.
Duplicate File Remover
Duplicate files consume a tremendous amount of disk space that can be recovered. The PerfectSpeed Duplicate File Remover lets you selectively select the type of files to look for (text, music, video, photo or other) and quickly identifies the candidates for deletion. Get back that valuable disk space.
AutoPilot Scheduling
PerfectSpeed’s AutoPilot Scheduling completely automates all of the above tasks so you don’t have to worry about them. Set a schedule through the easy-to-use wizard and PerfectSpeed keeps your system running like new. Run completely automatically or at fixed intervals. PerfectSpeed schedules do the work so you don’t have to.

OS: Windows 2000, XP (x86 and x64), Vista (x86 and x64), 7 (x86 and x64)


Ashi on May 10, 2010 at 6:03 PM said...

Find Duplicate Files it was so fast in finding the duplicate picture I was amazed!

Best Electronic Cigarettes on June 19, 2010 at 6:41 PM said...

Its really hard to find the perfect tool that can be used for the PC for cleaning and protection. I haven't used this tool, but I would like to recommend this tool for every one by seeing the features of this tool.

Rome Hotels on July 29, 2010 at 9:05 AM said...

I have been using computer since 8-9 years. The biggest problem I do face while utilizing the computer is that with the passage of time certain malware attacks can slow down the speed of your computer. It is not an easy job to keep your computer maintained but certain utilities can be used to do so.

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